Who would have ever thought?

Last week, I asked my father, who has spent a good portion of his life in Libya (my two brothers were born there), if he thought that a Libyan revolution was possible.

His response? Never in a million years.

A few days later, a new revolution was born.

The social media revolution

It is a remarkable thing when the oppressed stand up for their basic human rights. But what is more remarkable is the effect technology, particularly social media has played in this new turn of events.

As the protests move into Northern Africa, particularly Libya and Morocco, we begin to see the government crackdown on websites like Twitter and Facebook. These websites have been the main basis for these protest movements to gather support and rally for their freedom. Using the hashtag #feb20, these protesters are doing their best to sneak around their oppressors.

Who would have ever thought?

To read more on the Libyan and Moroccan social media revolution, click here.

Happy reading.

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