Five ways you can use Twitter for bloggers


It’s been the buzz of the past few years. Now, that it has made it big, everyone is encouraged to jump on the bandwagon and get with it.  Here’s are the top five ways you can get in on the hype:

5. Interesting drives traffic

With Twitter, if you are smart, witty or cool enough, you will get a decent following of people who care what you have to say. So, as a blogger, you can host blog contests or ask your followers for advice, and they with so many followers, you are bound to get some traffic. The cool part is that if they care enough, they will spread the word as well by using the Twitter retweet feature. 

4. Be the expert

Whether it be politics, sports, fashion or food, become the expert in what you write about best. By picking a topic that you are passionate about, you will be established as the expert and would be able to answer questions via tweets, find new contacts and your credibility will grow.

3. Domino effect

When you have a Twitter account, you also probably have a Digg, StumbleUpon and Facebook account. By having a Twitter, you can direct your tweets to these various outlets as well and direct them to your blog posts.

2. And we are on…live!

Twitter lets you broadcast news live! Court cases, sport games and breaking news are all perfect scenarios for users to tweet what is happening. What’s better than sharing real-time information?

1. Talk to the experts when you are not sure!

Want to ask Mark Halperin a question? Look up to Lance Armstrong? Whoever it might be, Twitter gives each person a chance to build their name for themselves. Ask the experts questions about anything you want and don’t be afraid.

So, go establish a Twitter account now and blog your way to the top!

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