Chapter 5: Mobile journalism

According to a research poll in the Daily Telegraph, children living in the United Kingdom receive their first cell phone at the age of eight. Similarly, two-thirds of all Americans own a cell phone.




Well, either way, we can all agree that mobile journalism is changing the news world. It brings the story a more personalized view point all the while telling it as soon as it happens. Some questions to ask yourself before pursuing a story through mobile journalism.

  • Will the audience benefit if I tell them this story?
  • Will the journalism be better if it’s done on location and with urgency?
  • Will quick video footage or sound reporting help people understand the story?

If the answer is  to most of these questions, then maybe you should use mobile technology to report.  A few examples of times when you should use mobile journalism:

  • Criminal and civil trials, especially when the verdict is being read
  • Important speeches
  • Breaking news
  • Public gatherings such as protests
  • Sporting events
  • Grand openings in the area

Some items to take with you when reporting mobile:

  • Laptop, iPad or some type of computer
  • Internet connection
  • Camera
  • Video camera
  • Audio recorder
  • Tripod
  • Cell phone!

In the end, enjoy yourself. Do what makes your comfortable. Tell the story, not your opinion (unless asked). And have fun.

Happy reading!

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