Chapter six: Visual storytelling with photographs

“Journalism without photographs is like writing without words,” says according to Mark Briggs, author of “Journalism Next.” In this day and age, we are lucky to have digital technology because it’s made our life much easier. No more taking those big bulky cameras out to site.

Some old-timers might relish in classic technology and not realize the advantages of digital photography such as:

– Taking as many pictures as you want

– Seeing the picture you took on your camera there and then

– Uploading pictures to the web for your network to see

– Editing the pictures on a computer

– Not needing to purchase film every 24 pictures

Some of the best software to use in conjunction with digital photos:

iPhoto, Windows Photo Gallery: Good for basic photo editing

Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket: Good for managing your photo collection online

Photoshop Elements, Pain Shop Pro: Good for advanced photo editing

Photoshop: Good for serious photographers and web designers

For more tips on taking and editing photos, check out this tutorial:

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