Facebook can make or break you

Some people love it. Some people say it’s the devil. But with over 500 million users, we cannot deny its power.

Facebook is the latest medium that can help decide if your interviewer will hire you.

We all have had someone put in a good word so that it can help us get a job. A more formal name for that is references.

Facebook is one of the leading websites that socially and professionally networks people so that they can apply for a job. It was designed to connect people to the jobs they want.

New jobs such as social media strategist, social media publicist and social media coordinator have opened up because of the Facebook Revolution.

Getting recommendations is one of the biggest boosts in obtaining a job. Whether you are in the automotive, marketing, fashion or construction industty, Facebook is the tool to market careers for all.

By networking through Facebook, it creates a much more personalized tone to showcase who you are. Posting pictures of you getting wasted with your tongue kissing a bottle of Jose Cuervo is not the wisest thing.

Facebook is not just about updating your statuses about what you are eating for breakfast. Writing about yourself in pursuit of a job to your friends…that can also help.

So, it’s time for you to get on Facebook, but this time for doing good and exhibiting your talents, not just stirring up drama.

Happy reading folks.

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