Chapter two: The basics of blogging

In Mark Briggs’ second chapter “Advanced Blogging,” he focuses on the essentials of blogging. His main points of the chapters are summarized as the following:

  • Good blogs are a continuing conversation: If you write a blog, it is necessary to create a reader’s base to get some feedback. This enables you to continue the conversation and write more!
  • Blogs aren’t magic: This basically means that blogs are not going to do the work for you. If you want a successful blog, you have to be on your guard constantly, posting, updating and working your butt off.
  • Read blogs to write blogs: Go to Technorati and scan the top 100 blogs to see what interests you. Writing about what other people write isn’t wrong as long as you credit them and write with your own spin.
  • Know blog language: Trackbacks, posts, permalinks….what do they all mean? And what the heck is a vlog and moblog? Sounds foreign? Check out this website for definitions.
  • Customize your blog to fit you: Using basic CSS is okay for most blogs. However, if you really want to turn on your future employers, create your own themes, widgets and other elements to spice things up!

Say what?

Happy Reading!

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